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Case Study: Hydrosystem 1000 filter maintenance. 3rd party system.

Hydrosystem 1000 filter maintenance. 3rd party system., Hertfordshire

The Hydrosystem 1000 Filter uses an ‘up-flow’ process which is quite unusual for rainwater harvesting filtration. Most pre tank filters or leaf filters rely on gravity and the water generally passes down through filter mesh materials in a down ward direction before flowing through to a storage tank.

With these filters, the rainwater enters the housing at the bottom of the unit. Sediment is caught in the base of the housing whilst the water passes through four removable filter sections. During this process contaminants are removed form the water. Once the water has passed through the filter sections, the water builds over the surface of the filter sections and weirs over to the rainwater storage tank.

Servicing is required once year including the removal of all sediment in the base of the filter housing. The filter sections need to be removed for flushing through and cleaning also. RTCs confined space team are fully trained, experienced and equipped to carry out maintenance on the Hydrosystem filter housings and filter sections.

RTC have serviced and maintained the 4x Hydrosystem 1000 units and 8x Hydrosystem 400 units installed on this site for the past four years.

The filtered water contained in the associated storage tanks supplies rainwater to multiple dwellings for toilet flushing and garden use.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure water passing through the rainwater system is as clean and clear as possible. For further information please call the office on 01636 940943 or send an email to enquiries@rtcuk.net. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.