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Case Study: Primary School. Service and Maintenance. 3rd party system

Primary School. Service and Maintenance. 3rd party system, Maidstone, Kent

RTC have serviced and maintained the rainwater harvesting system at this school for the past six years.

The system is an indirect system, meaning the water is pumped from the underground storage tank to a buffer tank in the building before it is supplied to the system outlets (WC's, garden bub tap). 

The underground storage tank is 60,000L in capacity and has a vortex leaf filter. 

Within 7 months, the school had used 345,000L of rainwater. With the average person flushing approx. 13 litres down the loo with every flush, that's a lot of toilet flushing.

It pays to service your rainwater system every 6-12 months to maintain the systems efficiency.