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Soakaway Maintenance

Soakaway / Attenuation inspection and maintenance

Soakaways and attenuation crate systems have developed over the years. Originally soakaway solutions were thought to be 'fit and forget' and were quite often buried. Sadly, there is little we can do to help maintain these installations.

The good news is, there is increasing demand for sustainable drainage. The Water Industry Act 1991, 104 agreement dictates the requirement of an inspection chamber to be installed for any sewer, drain or sewage disposal works intended to be considered for adoption by a local water company. Soakaway / attenuation manufacturers have responded well to the 104 agreement. There are now a selection of maintainable soakaway/attenuation products on the market.

If you are responsible for a soakaway or attenuation installation, we can assist you with your local water authority adoption application.

RTC are trained and experienced in confined space works - focusing on the maintenance of underground structures. As long as your soakaway installation has an inspection access point suitable for man entry, there should be no problem in inspecting and maintaining your crate system.

A series of before and after photos will be taken to confirm the crate system has, as far as possible, been cleared of sediment*. A photo report will be issued to the client shortly after the works have been completed.

A drain camera will be used to record the condition of the soakaway / attenuation crate system post maintenance for our clients records also. Click here to see an example video.

*Maintenance results will depend on installation and product installed.


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