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System Remedial Works

Rainwater Harvesting Remedial Works

Has your system failed? Or are you experiencing problems with your system? RTC are here to help.Installing a non return valve external to the rainwater tank

If your rainwater harvesting system isn’t functioning as it should, or if you are experiencing system contamination or even if you would like to just improve the level of filtration your current system setup can achieve – RTC are able to offer a solution.

RTC will assess your rainwater harvesting system, investigate the cause of the problem and document our findings. Following a thorough investigation the engineer will be able to provide possible solutions for the problem along with a cost to repair, amend or add to your rainwater harvesting system.

Once a route to resolve a problem or improve the clients system has been agreed, RTC will then work with the client to implement the amendments and achieve the clients goal – to maximise the rainwater harvesting system potential.

Contact RTC to discuss your specific needs. Our friendly customer service team are keen to assist you.

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