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UV Lamps & Quartz Sleeves

UV Lamps & Quartz Sleeves

UV technology can be used to disinfect drinking water, wastewater, process water, ultrapure water and swimming pools. It is the chemical-free, environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine disinfection, using rays of UV light to kill dangerous micro-organisms preventing them from multiplying – including bacteria, viruses and yeasts.

Answers to common questions regarding UV lamps and quartz sleeves:

My lamp appears to still be illuminated…. Do I still need to change it?

Yes if the lamp has been illuminated for a year.

The average lamp life is around 8,760 working hours and most manufacturers recommend the lamps are changed on an annual basis. This is due to the efficiency of the UV lamp reducing steadily over a 12 month period.

When else should I change the UV lamp?

UV lamps are similar to a common strip light. The main difference you may notice is the type of connections and more obviously the type of light the lamp emits. Due to the delicate nature of the lamp, should the lamp get damaged the lamp will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

What is a quartz sleeve?

The quartz sleeve is the protective barrier between the water passing through the UV unit and the UV lamp.  Rainwater can have fine sediment or dirt that can collect on the quartz sleeve. It is important to remove the lamp and quartz sleeve on at least a six monthly basis* to clean the quartz sleeve. A chemical is not required to do this. A build-up of dirt/debris on the quartz sleeve will cause shadowing and prevent the UV rays from effectively disinfecting the water.

* This time frame can vary depending on the surrounding environment of the building, the location of the water storage tank and the quality of water passing through the system. Please check the unit manufacturer’s guidelines for further details.

Why would I need to replace the UV quartz sleeve?

Unlike the UV lamps you won’t normally need to replace the quartz sleeve on an annual basis. The two main reasons for changing the quartz sleeve is if the sleeve becomes damaged in some way or if staining occurs on the sleeve (also causing shadowing).

I don’t know what type of lamp/quartz sleeve I need, can you help?

Yes. As long as you are able to take photos and/or notes of the UV unit we will be able to identify the type of lamp/quartz sleeve you will need. If you have been able to remove the original lamp, a photo of the lamp fittings will also help. This information will enable us to send you a quote.

RTC supply UV lamps and replacement quartz sleeves for various makes and models of UV unit. We supply well-known brands such as Philips, Osram and GE lighting. We also offer alternative brand products that are compatible with many of the common UV units. Due to the diverse range of lamps available, please contact our friendly customer care team for a price based on your specific requirements.

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