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Why RTC?

Clients choose RTC based on our knowledge, response time and our customer service

'Rainwater Total Care'  - Covering ALL aspects of Rainwater Harvesting; System Sales, Installation, Service & Maintenance and Tank Cleaning.

Historically, many Rainwater Harvesting companies in the UK just sold systems/solutions, a sales process rather than understanding the complete lifecycle of the product.  

6 years ago, RTC picked up on this gap in the marketplace and began offering the full aftersales care required; Service & Maintenance, Tank Cleaning & Remedial works to ensure systems run as effectively as they were promised. 

Our experienced engineers understand ALL types of systems, not just a single brand/manufacturer. 

Over the last 6 years the most common question from our clients is “are all rainwater harvesting systems  problematic”.  RTC are here to quash this myth, THE SYSTEMS ARE NOT Problematic, however the management of the install and expectations over care and support are often at fault. 

Based on our extensive experience, we now have a range of systems that are efficient, reliable and affordable. Once we have helped you to make an informed decision on the right system for you, we will guide you through the installation process – and set up a regular support plan that will maximise the savings, benefits and lifespan from this fantastic investment.

Whether you already own a Rainwater Harvesting system & require assistance with a fault, service/clean or you are considering investing in a system, chose an established company with a proven excellent customer service track record, get in touch with us; message, email or just give us a good old fashioned call for some free expert advice. 

01636 904943 enquiries@rtcuk.net 

We care about our planet, we don’t water down the facts!